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Rev. Dr. Deborah G. McBride, Founder of D.G. McBride Ministries, Inc., is a vibrant new ministry possessing the vision, voice, and vitality to escort ladies on a divine adventure of becoming the best version of being women. Each lady will see the value of this website and its offered services by coming together purposing to dream again and enjoy life in abundance as created by the Infinite God.


The concept of the phrase “time” establishes the foundation and framework of this website and provides a theoretical and theological understanding of time as essential to human development and reaching divine destiny.


In examining the nature of time, Rev. McBride highlights the past, present, and future because we ladies are intertwined in a web of womanhood regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, social and economic strata, etc. We need to take the time to pause now, reflect on the good things of yesterday, and then position the mind to step into tomorrow and dream significantly of the impossible coming to fruition by the gift of God’s Infinite Imagination.

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